What Is an Offset in Legal Terms

A lag is something that is used to balance something else. This is often seen in a financial context where one amount is equal to another amount. It can also be called ”compensation”, especially when it comes to money. For example, if Party A owes $30 to Part B, but Part B owes $20 to Part A, the second amount would offset the first amount (money owed against money owed), reducing the amount of money owed by Party A B to only $10. In the context of an action, it would be brought by a counterclaim filed by a defendant. In setting off, the defendant does not necessarily dismiss the plaintiff`s initial claim, but seeks to reduce the amount of money owed to the plaintiff by the amount the plaintiff owes the defendant. If set-off is not filed as a counterclaim, it could also be used as a defence to reduce damages by an amount that the defendant has already paid to the plaintiff. In business, an additional reserve can be used to compensate for a loss. NAC 353C.100 Claim for debt compensation; Payment of the debtor after notification of the interception.

4. Where an agency has requested the State Comptroller to withhold payments from a debtor and such payment is intercepted, an entity receiving a notification in accordance with NAC 353C.110 that the payment has been intercepted and is being withheld for possible set-off shall not attempt to pay that debtor using a different seller number or by any other form of payment. unless this has been approved by the State Comptroller or the authority that requested the withholding of payments from the debtor. 1. Where an agency requests the State comptroller to stop making payments to a person who owes it a debt, the Agency may, upon receipt of the state comptroller`s notification that such a payment has been intercepted, submit to the State comptroller a request for set-off of an amount owed to the Agency by the debtor against an amount: due to the debtor by an agency. AppendixCalculation of infiltration volumeExtimized water count for typical projects in the Pierce Raingard Conservation District December 28, 2020 IntroductionThe purpose of this document is to estimate the water balance for future Storm garden projects in the Pierce Conservation District (Pierce CD). Compensation usually means a reduction, usually by reducing an amount due by an amount due. For example, the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) is a collection program administered by Financial Management Services (FMS), an office of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This program allows state agencies to file outstanding and legally enforceable state tax obligations with FMS to offset the debtor`s federal income tax refund. In such a case, the federal rebate one would have received is used to pay or offset all or part of a state income tax. See Figure 5.1.2-1 e.g.

positions of two antenna arrays Beam direction – Suppose a granularity of 45o beam direction in the xy plane (AZ from -45o to +45o) – Suppose a granularity of 22.5o beam direction in the xz plane (EL from -90o to 90o) Offsets – Different antenna shifts (yoffset, zoffset) over 7.5 cm radius (max. 12.5 cm) The offset is defined with respect to the center of the antenna array Range lengths – 30cm, 20m (other span lengths are not excluded) – the goal is to finally determine min. Compensation can also be used in other contexts where it is not about money. It often describes the balances that affect the earth, pollution, construction and other actions in the physical world. For example, a reduction in pollution on one farm can be used to offset the production of pollution on another. Nor is it necessary for an offset to be of the same type against which it is fixed. In contractual relationships, the value of an obligation to be fulfilled is often used to offset a debt due. Below is an example of a state law that deals with set-off: 1) n. also known as ”set-off”, the deduction of a debtor from a claim or claim from a debt or obligation. This set-off is based on a counterclaim against the party making the original claim. Example: Harry Hardhead makes a claim or lawsuit demanding $20,000 from Danny Debtor as the last payment when purchasing a restaurant; In its defence, the debtor seeks compensation of $10,000 for the alleged funds owed to Hardhead for repairs the debtor made to a Hardhead property, reducing Hardhead`s claim to $10,000. (2) v.

claim an alleged debt of a plaintiff in order to reduce that plaintiff`s claim. (See: Counterclaim, Defence, Set-Off) 2. The request shall be submitted in the format provided by the controller. An order to amend the 2019-2020 budget by providing $451,505 in federal grants to the Special Income Fund to offset the costs of the first three years of operation and maintenance of the motor vehicle plug-ins installed at the Carlson Center and Big Dipper. Remove the external load/voltage and the short pack – to Batt-.Press the CC Board Offset Calibration button. 3. The Agency shall verify and certify the accuracy of the debtor`s name and address and the amount of the debt and shall immediately inform the State Comptroller if the Agency finds that any of the information is incorrect. Kestenbaum and Tim Zayatz of the Office of the Chief Actuary estimated the additional OASDI benefit payments resulting from several proposals to amend the special profits elimination reserve and the remuneration of state pensions – INFORMATION – 26 October 2007. A claim or request to the contrary that may cancel or reduce a particular claim; a counterclaim. A type of accounting entry that counteracts the effect of a previous entry. .

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